The St. Patrick Athletic Association is comprised of a group of St. Patrick parishioners who have two main goals for our organization:  1.  To provide CYO High School Basketball participation opportunities for the youth of St. Patrick Parish and to the youth of parishes nearby to St. Patrick who do not offer CYO High Basketball; and, 2. To serve as a fund-raising organization to help meet the financial needs of St. Patrick Parish.  Currently, we have seven parishioners on our Athletic Association Board, as well as our Spiritual Director and the Pastor of St. Patrick Church, Fr. James Ols.  The parishioner-members of our Athletic Board hold various positions, such as President, Athletic Director/CYO Liaison, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer/Special Events Coordinator, CYO High School Basketball Chairperson and At-Large Member. 

        The Athletic Association sponsors both boys and girls CYO high school basketball teams, with the number of teams sponsored each year depending upon the amount of players who desire to participate each CYO High School Basketball season.  The Athletic Association pays all CYO High School Basketball team participation fees for the teams we sponsor, as well as makes sure that all necessary CYO paperwork is timely filed for our sponsored teams' players.  We also recruit coaches for our teams and ensure that these coaches meet all CYO requirements for coaching our youth.  Our CYO high school basketball teams play a full regular season of games and then participate in a Diocesan CYO High School Tournament.